How to Make Your Own Homemade

Carp Fishing Bait

It seems that everybody has an idea for an invention or product. A famous saying is that invention is the mother of necessity. Anglers are no exception. It seems that in every fishing outing, there is experimentation with weights, style of cast, types of fishing line, equipment adjustments, etc.

One of the main focuses is on the fishing bait. Yes, there are many off the shelf baits. However, an increasingly large number of anglers are making their own homemade bait. Why? Because, they realize that any given fishing hole on any given day will have anglers using the same store bought bait.

Having unique bait is good because these anglers want to offer the fish something that stands apart from the crowd. The store bought baits are all mixed up in a watery cloud while the fish are homing in on their strange new bait. It’s a theory of course, but through observation and experiences, I have found this statement to be more true than not.

Carp fishing is very popular. With the popularity, derives various bait formulas for catching carp. Although there are a limitless variety of baits, each one can be broken down to a few essential ingredients.

To make a winning carp bait, one only needs a base (something that holds all the ingredients together), a liquid (mixed with the base to form the mixture), and an attractant (the ingredient that actually brings the fish to the hook).

When making your own bait, consider using one base, one liquid, and up to three attractants. The list below lists all the different ingredients found in winning carp bait formulas. The best approach is to take from each category.

Bases – This is the stuff that adds volume to the bait.

1) Cereal. Popular cereals include sugar corn puffs, wheat flakes, corn flakes.
2) Corn Meal – A great base. Actually the corn is a form of attractant.
3) Flour – the powder form or bread products
4) Instant mashed potatoes – This is found in dry form in a box.

Attractants – There are many to choose from.

1) Flavored gelatin powder – popular flavors are cherry and strawberry.
2) Canned corn or canned cream corn - It seems that carp like corn or any corn products.
3) Frozen or fresh corn kernels – same as canned corn. Sometimes just using the kernels on the hook is all you need to catch the big one.
4) Sugar – Carp likes the sweet stuff.
5) Vanilla extract – smells good to humans. Carp must like the smell also.
6) Marshmallows – found in store bought bait, must be good. – can add a little buoyancy to the bait.

Liquids – not many but essential to keeping all the ingredients together.

1) Water. This is the most popular liquid.
2) Juices from canned corn.
3) Sodas – Strawberry or grape soda. Carp must have a sweet tooth.

Remember to write down every measurement and ingredients because a depressing realization is that you are catching your limit of carp and don’t know how to remake the bait.

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