How to Make Trout Bait Using

Items from Your Kitchen

It is a typical early morning at a fishing hole. You are excited with the expectations of catching your limit of trout. You are practicing the stories that you are going to tell your friends and family when you get back with a stringer full of fish. You open the bottle of trout bait.

You are using your famous store bought trout bait. It never fails. And besides, it is the leading seller and has been around for years. However, your expectations and excitement turns to sadness. No trout. You know that there are trout because the anglers around you are catching their limit of trout. But, you notice that they are using some strange trout bait.

This scenario happens all the time. Trout seem to really be finicky when it comes to trout bait. It seems that they will chomp on your store bought trout bait that you have been using for years. And then suddenly, the trout will ignore the same trout bait at your next fishing outing.

Don’t get me wrong. My tackle box is stocked with the latest and popular store bought trout bait. However, I also bring along trout bait that I get from my kitchen shelves and refrigerator.

It is common knowledge that trout will search for food by sight. However, trout also rely on scents to locate their meals. With that stated, all you need to do is look for food items that will give off a smell while in the water.

Therefore, before each fishing outing, I’ll open up my tackle box and load it up with my type of trout bait….

Cheese – Trout seem to love cheese. Popular trout baits made of cheese include American cheese, processed cheese found in brick form, longhorn Colby cheese, flavored cheeses with garlic, etc. Any type of cheese is fair game. It just seems that trout will hit on one cheese at a certain location on a certain day. On another day, the trout will bite on another cheese.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep the cheese on the hook. Treble hooks seem to work the best. There is actually a treble hook being sold with a type of coil within the hook so that the cheese has a better grip.

If the cheese is quite soft, you could try dipping the baited hook into the water for a few minutes before casting. This will allow the cheese to harden.

Corn – Bring a can of corn and watch what this type of trout bait will produce. Anglers swear by this. A lot of times, when the trout aren’t hitting on anything else, corn will induce their appetites.

Marshmallows – Mini marshmallows is popular trout bait. They are easy to put on a hook. Also, marshmallows have a buoyant quality to them. You may use marshmallows along with night crawlers to keep the bait off the bottom of the lake.

Cheese, corn, and marshmallows are the top three trout bait from the kitchen. However, there are other items that can be used for trout bait. These include bread, liverwurst, hot dogs, tuna, and salami.

Please don’t let this list stop you from experimenting with other food items. If the idea strikes you, by all means test it out when you are fishing for trout. Who knows? You may another trout bait to add in your arsenal.

And if the trout aren’t biting on the food items you have brought along, you may use these as a meal for yourself.

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